Traction Productions

Created in 1872 by Edouard Gros, the company initially specialized in manufacturing hair ornaments, accessories which were very fashionable at that time.
However, when short hair became fashionable, the company rapidly re‐invented itself and changed its business activity: as from 1930 it started manufacturing eyewear.

When, 50 years later, Thierry Gros took over management of the company, his first priority was to carry on the search for quality and modernity that the four previous generations had built as the trademark of the company. He added his personal touch by launching his own eyewear collection and this is how Traction Productions emerged in 1989. Why this name? This is a reference to “Traction Avenue” in Los Angeles, where gather the most creative artists and the famous names in the film industry.

This collection, which marked a new turning-point in the family history, quickly achieved a great success.
Presently, the brand is distributed throughout a lot of opticians, in France and overseas, and has been rewarded for its creativity in France, Italy and the Nordic countries.

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