RVS Eyewear


First introduced in 2007 exclusively through Selima Optique’s NY and Paris locations, RVS Eyewear was brought to life with the goal of bringing back the quality and originality to design that was put into eyewear of the past.

By producing each RVS frame in limited quantities we assure our family members they are purchasing a truly one of a kind piece of eyewear while standing by our motto “quality over quantity”.

Today RVS Eyewear is produced in hand by Italian artisans in factories with over 60 years of tradition in the eyewear business. Each RVS frame is made from only the best Italian materials in only matte finish. Every final detail on each RVS frame is finalized in hand, down to our signature hand painted red hinge screws.

When we say handmade we mean it.

Today you may find RVS Eyewear in select boutiques in over 130 locations worldwide. We welcome you to join the RVS family and see the world through our eyes.

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